We are pleased to address you to present TPC a part of the Boasso Global company

TPC was founded in 1993 for the transport of general and dangerous goods by road.   

Since then, our goal has been to carry out and achieve a job well done, trying to improve our services and the relationship with our customers day by day. Transports Paz Ciria (TPC) bets for the improvement of the environment through EURO 6 and 3-axle tractors to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Our logistics company has extensive experience in the chemical sector, we specialize in the transport of dangerous goods operating in any case following the ADR standards, we also have extensive experience in general transport.

As from 2022 TPC is a part of the Boasso Global family. 

The operational base of our company is located in Parets del Valles, very close to Barcelona (Spain).

We have a great desire to improve what forces us to update and improve every day for the benefit of our customers.

Our drivers are highly qualified with training in safe behavior (BBS) for driving and during loading and unloading, they also have specific anti-rollover training. The prevention of occupational risks is a permanent objective and continuous training is carried out on issues related to logistics and the transport of general and dangerous merchandise.

T.P.C has the specific SQAS certification to evaluate the quality, safety and environmental performance of the logistics service providers. This system gathers the requirements that have as origin the legal norms that affect the activity of the three aspects and all the activity of the company, departments, functions and all the collaborators.

From the first day, the objective has been to carry out and get a job well done, trying to improve the quality of the service and the relationship with customers every day. T.P.C is committed to improving the environment through EURO 6 and 3-axle tractors to reduce C02 emissions into the atmosphere.

The effort of more than 25 years of work in the land transport sector has allowed us to gain experience in the chemical and A.D.R.

Being a company specialized in gases, MDI / TDI, and others. Also counting on extensive experience in general international transport.

Our fleet in constantly growing

All our vehicles have an integrated GPS location system and an APP-Fleetvisor, for the control and monitoring of both national and international transport; This allows us to control and closely monitor the vehicle in real time, so that decision-making in the event of unforeseen events that may affect transport will be resolved immediately.

Our fleet can’t stop, so we have assistance service on route, as well as mechanical service in our base.

Km yearly


The operational base of T.P.C is located in a privileged place for land transportation by road. Located a few kilometers from the AP-7, it allows us to have a quick connection to key points for logistics, such as different rail and maritime terminals.


Address: C/ Tenes 6, Parets del Vallès, 08150, Barcelona (ESPAÑA)

Latitude: 41° 34′ 21.108” N

Longitude: 2° 14′ 30.228” E

Truck parking:

Address: Passeig fluvial 26, Parets del Vallès, 08150, Barcelona (ESPAÑA)

Latitude: 41º 33′ 28.431″

Longitude: 2º 14′ 4.634″

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