Our policy and human rights

Through Management, with this policy, you want to express the commitment you have with the following: 

This policy reflects the company’s formal commitment to respect labor and human rights in its area of influence. It also seeks to prevent any of its policies, procedures, activities and operations from causing abuses or violations, directly or indirectly, affecting the labor and human rights of TPC or of third parties that are related to it.


TPC declares the unequivocal commitment to respect and fulfill the rights of our personnel such as:

Therefore, the Directorate establishes, declares, adopts and assumes the following principles:

    1. Avoid discriminatory practices or that diminish the dignity of people: people have the right to enjoy a decent, safe and healthy work environment. We are committed to ensuring the existence within the company of a work environment in which there is no room for discriminatory attitudes based on sex, ethnic origin, creed, religion, age, disability, political affinity, sexual orientation, nationality, citizenship , marital status or socioeconomic status. Likewise, we are committed to providing our staff with a work environment free of any form of harassment, intimidation or violence in any of its manifestations.

    2. Freedom of association and collective bargaining: regardless of the area where we develop our operations, the right of our staff to freedom of association, trade union and collective bargaining is respected and this commitment will be publicly manifested. We guarantee respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining. It will facilitate that our personnel can meet to discuss, in freedom, issues relevant to their working conditions or employment. Likewise, it shall defend and support the personnel when, in the exercise of their professional obligations, they may be arbitrarily or unfairly detained.

    3. Protecting people’s health: we are committed to offering our staff a safe and healthy work environment by adopting standards on occupational health and occupational risk prevention.

    4. Decent employment: our staff is remunerated in a dignified manner, adjusted to their abilities, responsibilities and functions and compliance with the applicable legislation and the conditions of the markets where they operate, which allows them to satisfy their basic needs and those of families . To himself, the right to rest is guaranteed by complying with current labor legislation in each of the environments in which he operates in terms of working hours and the right to rest. Flexible work practices will be provided, as much as possible, recognizing the need of employees to balance their work life with other interests and responsibilities. The right of people to the privacy of their personal data will also be guaranteed.


TPC declares the unequivocal commitment to respect and fulfill the rights of third parties that relate to us. We avoid that any of our procedures, activities or operations have an impact on the respect of labor and human rights of the people of the companies or third parties that are related to it.

TPC acquires the commitment with the people linked to our suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies for it:


    1. We will promote the commitment to human rights along the supply chain: suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies, in the terms established in this policy.

    2. We will promote and encourage suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies to formalize their commitment to labor rights and

    3. We will encourage the dissemination of a Labor and Human Rights Policy

    4. We will collaborate with our suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies, in those environments and markets where circumstances so advise, in their practices of respect for human rights and training in this area.

    5. We will end commercial relations with suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies that irrefutably violate human rights and especially those related to racial or sex discrimination or sexual orientation.

Finally, management declares that applying this policy is a way of doing business that guarantees greater commitment to society over time.

And for this we will apply surveillance mechanisms according to our magnitude

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