The constant evolution of TPC a part of Boasso Global as a company in the transport of dangerous goods sector over the years, is as a consequence and with the sole purpose of satisfying the needs of our customers.

This would have been impossible without knowing the needs and concerns of our customers, and therefore all the human and technical team that makes up our company has as main objective to give them a solid, reliable and personalized service, so that all of us continue to develop within the sector of ADR transport, adapting to new technologies and market needs. 

And for all this we still want to know each other. Receive a cordial greeting, T.P.C. a part of Boasso Global.


Emergency number:




Passeig Fluvial, 26, 08150 Parets del Vallès, Barcelona

41º 33' 28.431"

2º 14' 4.634"


The operational base of TPC a part of Boasso Global is located in a privileged place for land transportation by road. Located a few kilometers from the AP-7, it allows us to have a quick connection to key points for logistics, such as different rail and maritime terminals


Address: C/ Tenes 6, Parets del Vallès, 08150, Barcelona (ESPAÑA)

Latitude: 41° 34′ 21.108” N

Longitude: 2° 14′ 30.228” E

Truck parking:

Address: Passeig fluvial 26, Parets del Vallès, 08150, Barcelona (ESPAÑA)

Latitude: 41º 33′ 28.431″

Longitude: 2º 14′ 4.634″

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