Quality, safety and environment policy

TRANSPORTS PAZ CIRIA S.L. Through the Management Department, it states that the company carries out a service at the national and international level of: 

“Transportation by national and international road of merchandise in general, food, chemical and ADR products”.

The achievement of quality service, safety and respect for the environment is a policy shared by the entire organization as well as with our collaborators. The policy of quality, safety and respect for the environment of our company is to consolidate the maximum compliance of the service always attending to the requirements of our customers without forgetting the legal requirements and specific standards of the sector. The management system of quality, safety and respect for the environment is guaranteed by being defined through manual of quality and safety, driver, procedures and instructions, which have been developed under the direction of management and has Your full support.

Management controls and confirms all this documentation and notifies all internal staff as those employees involved in the transport service, the obligation to follow all instructions derived from this process to reach the highest guarantee of quality, safety and respect to the environment that we can offer. It also invites all staff to participate, through their suggestions, to achieve continuous improvement and full identification with the policy of quality, safety and respect for the environment.

TRANSPORTES PAZ CIRIA S.L. aims to ensure quality, safety and respect for the environment of the service it offers meets the requirements of each client, legal and regulatory established nationally and internationally.

Therefore, the Directorate establishes, declares, adopts and assumes the following principles:

  • The quality, safety and respect for the environment of the service is the result of the planned and systematic actions of PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT throughout the cycle.
  • The CEFIC / ECTA guidelines on Safety Conduct (CSS), for loads, transport and discharges (conduct based on BBS standards).
  • The contractual requirements, requirements and expectations of customers.
  • The requirements of quality, safety and respect for the environment and contractual requirements must be executed effectively in specifications that will be communicated to suppliers and collaborators, in a complete and timely manner.
  • Quality, safety and respect for the environment is a common job of all the company's staff and collaborators. Therefore, they all assume that continuous improvement is a priority and, therefore, they are aware that they are responsible for the quality and safety of the company.
  • The quality manager, together with the Management, are the ones most responsible for promoting compliance with the policy and objectives of quality, safety and respect for the environment, and evidencing it through the performance of internal audits.
  • The application of this policy requires the integration of the entire human team of the company, therefore, management considers the actions of MOTIVATION AND TRAINING a priority.
  • Define objectives of quality, safety and respect for the specific and quantifiable environment, as well as the monitoring of these.

Finally, the management declares TRANSPORTES PAZ CIRIA S.L. through a developed system, and with this written policy, is permanently updated, is committed to:

  • Quality and customer requirements.
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment.
  • The protection.
  • Safe driving behavior programs (BBS CEFIC / ECTA Programs).
  • The Prohibition of Drugs, Narcotics and Alcohol.
  • The training continues.
  • The treatment of nonconformities.

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