Corporate social responsibility policy (CSR)

TRANSPORTS PAZ CIRIA S.L. Through Management, it states that the company carries out a national and international service of:

“National and international road transport of merchandise in general, food, chemical and ADR products.”

Management through this policy wants to demonstrate the commitment that is acquired by the entire organization as well as by our employees / collaborators in ensuring that a corporate social responsibility is carried out: “Do business based on ethical principles and in accordance with the law”

The decision to make these profitable businesses, in an ethical manner and based on legality is really our strategy, since this will generate:

  • Greater productivity: through better conditions for our staff that leads to better talent retention and therefore lower turnover rates.
  • Loyalty of the client: satisfying his needs, starting by providing a place where he can transmit his needs and complaints. In addition to quality and price, customers begin to demand information on the conditions of service, the certifications that the service has, among others.
  • Access to markets: for compliance with standards and certifications required by external actors, including consumers.
  • Credibility: being respectful of people, communities, the environment and society as a whole projects a reputation that guarantees us greater sustainability over time, reducing risks, anticipating situations that may affect the company, greater agility to react and adapt and generating trust.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy of our company is based on the positive impact that these practices generate in the different areas with which our company has a relationship, while at the same time contributing to the competitiveness and sustainability of the company. With this CSR policy we are in favor of Sustainable Development, that is, in favor of the balance between economic growth, social welfare and the use of natural resources and the environment. This balance is vital for the operation of our services / businesses, so TRANSPORTES PAZ CIRIA S.L. we become an active part of the solution of the challenges we have as a society, for their own interest in having a more stable and prosperous environment.

Management with this policy orients responsible practices both inside and outside the company. Delimit the internal and external impact of TRANSPORTES PAZ CIRIA S.L is why this corporate responsibility policy is based on the following pyramid: 

This pyramid reflects the order of priority of the incorporation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to TRANSPORTES PAZ CIRIA S.L

    1. Compliance with the legal framework: it is necessary to recognize that a company can not be socially responsible if it is not fulfilling, first of all, the legal regime as this is the basis of any CSR action and the foundation for the development of each one from our countries. Otherwise, the company’s actions will lack legitimacy and Sustainability in the long term.

    2. Development of the person within the company: the staff / collaborators are necessary for the success of any company, and to the extent that they are more capable, more motivated, better technified and with good working conditions, the competitiveness of the company will be greater achieving thus maximize the productivity of companies.

    3. Projection to the family of the staff / collaborator: they are the people closest to our company who are outside of it. Working with the families of our staff / collaborators will reinforce the loyalty of everyone towards the company.

    4. Projection to the community: alliances with local public and private organizations, with the purpose of integrating efforts in the achievement of common objectives and goals of a local and structural nature that facilitate the sustainable development of the area (self-management, prioritized municipal plans, strategic actions, long-term vision and everything in which the company has an impact on the community, including the environment). All this will make us good corporate neighbors.

    5. Participation in the design and execution of State Policies: it is the participation in the social agenda of the country since, the productive development of a country is closely linked to the development of its inhabitants. The practices of interaction with government decisions and design and implementation. Contribute to generate a better business climate.

Therefore, the Directorate establishes, declares, adopts and assumes the following principles:

  • Create wealth in the most effective way possible.
  • Respect human rights with decent working conditions that favor occupational health and safety and the human and professional development of workers.
  • Ensure the continuity of the company and, if possible, achieve reasonable growth.
  • Respect the environment, avoiding as much as possible any type of contamination, minimizing the generation of waste and rationalizing the use of natural and energy resources.
  • Comply with laws, regulations, norms and customs, respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments acquired.
  • Serve society with useful products / services and in fair conditions.
  • Monitoring compliance with the legislation by the company.
  • Maintenance of business ethics and fight against corruption.
  • Supervision of working conditions and health of workers.
  • Monitoring of the management of resources and waste.
  • Review of the energy efficiency of the company.
  • Right use of water.
  • Commitment against climate change.
  • Evaluation of environmental and social risks.
  • Supervision of the adequacy of the supply chain.
  • Design and implementation of partnership and collaboration strategies of the company.
  • Involve consumers, local communities and the rest of society.
  • Involve employees in good CSR practices
  • Marketing and construction of corporate reputation.
  • Improve the possibilities and opportunities of the community where the company is established.

Ultimately with this policy we guarantee:

    1. At the social level: fundamental human rights, working conditions and hours, non-discrimination, freedom of association, the prohibition of people working under the minimum age required by law.

    2. At the level of management (governance): the fair or ethical business going against corruption and bribery, conflicts of interest, fraud, money laundering and all those anti-competitive practices.

Finally, the management declares TRANSPORTES PAZ CIRIA S.L. that applying this policy is a way of doing business that guarantees greater sustainability over time and economic growth

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